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Mon Aug 6 07:51:16 PDT 2001

> A clumsy law lands a Russian programmer in an American jail
> http://www.economist.com/displayStory.cfm?Story_ID=3DS%26%28%28%28%25PQ%5B%=
> 27%0A
> This is in the paid/print-only section, I've not read it, but the
> summary looks promising.

It is a brief but worthwhile article.  It goes briefly into the Felten case
as well.

Exercising my fair use rights:

Beards drooping in the summer fog, 150 computer programmers took to the
streets in San Francisco on July 30th to make a protest outside the federal
court building....

Mr. Sklyarov's arrest proved a flashpoint, and it set off such a storm of
protest that a week later Adobe changed its mind and called on the FBI to
release him.  Firms may be more susceptible to such public pressure than
the government.  The federal attorney's office has said that it intends to
pursue the prosecution, and support for the DMCA is strong in Congress,
where the entertainment industry has lobbied hard.  Predictably, at
www.freesklyarov.org, the schedule for more protests is getting longer.
And rightly so.


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