[free-sklyarov] National Petition to US Attorney's Office Draft Submission

alfee cube sisgeek at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 6 12:18:20 PDT 2001

seth these are weasel words which add nothing and
detract allot from the simple straight forward demand
- drop the charges, period.

there are a hundred "grave concerns" with this special
interest law foist upon the public - all will be
covered in the many fact sheets (and scholarly
analysis) over the coming days!

--- Seth David Schoen <schoen at loyalty.org> wrote:
> seth writes:
> I would suggest adding, after "unwarranted.", "We
> believe that his
> prosecution is not in the public's interest" and
> possibly ", and is
> of grave concern [or ________] to scientists
> worldwide who consider
> visiting the United States to share their knowledge
> at conferences".

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