[free-sklyarov] Dima's bail hearing

Edmund A. Hintz ed at hintz.org
Mon Aug 6 13:51:35 PDT 2001

On 8/6/01 10:22 AM, ed at hintz.org thus spake:

>looks like he will need to process out of sc jail but should soon be out 
>of prison.

Notes on this: Dima is not yet out of jail. Bond is posted, but he now 
has to process out of Santa Clara County Jail.

Background: When I was a dumb college kid many years ago, I flaked out on 
several speeding tickets and such, and wound up with several warrants for 
Failure to Appear. The total dollar amount was $1400, and as a minimum 
wage cashier for a pet shop there was no way in hell I could pay it. So, 
on Sunday evening of Spring Break week, I turned myself in to the local 
PD. 2 court appearances later (different jurisdictions) both judges 
declared time served, making me a free man in theory. Reality was it took 
a day and a half from the judge declaring me free to me walking out of LA 
County Jail a free man. Dima is a bit higher profile than I am, but it's 
still going to take some time.

Even when he hits the streets, he is still imprisoned, just in a 3000 
mile wide cell. He is not a free man until he hits international airspace 
on a jet bound for Moscow. He is still separated from his family, his 
job, and his school, and facing 5 years imprisonment in a foreign country.

Ergo, we must continue to turn up the heat. This is yet another small 
victory, like Adobe, but the war is far from over. On a positive note, 
press coverage is picking up, and more publicity is a very good thing. 
Let's not lose our momentum here folks, onward... Free Dima!

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