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Pablos Kadrevis pablos at kadrevis.com
Mon Aug 6 14:51:07 PDT 2001

Grant, I'm not able to get back to you on this, I've CC'd the Free-Sklyarov 
list, and maybe someone will point you to the information you need.

Thanks, pablos.

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Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 3:31 PM -0700
From: Grant Gross <ggross66 at yahoo.com>
To: Paul Holman <pablos at kadrevis.com>
Subject: Re: Story for NewsForge: What next for Free Dmitry?

Hi, Paul

I'm trying again to do something on the Free Dmitry
movement and what's next.

So what happens now with the Skylarov situation?
What's the next move for your site?

Any word on any kind of release or court date?



--- Paul Holman <pablos at kadrevis.com> wrote:
> Grant, I'll write some quick answers to your
> questions, but feel free to
> give me a call sometime tomorrow if you haven't
> written your story already.
> Sorry for the delay on this reply.
> > 1.  How's the rejectmueller site being received?
> Have
> > you gotten a lot of email about it, as compared to
> the
> > boycottadobe site?
> We've recanted on our call to reject Mueller as FBI
> Director, having since
> learned that he is no longer actively working on
> prosecution in the
> Northern District of California.  We currently
> believe that US Attorney
> David Shapiro is filling that role and that it is
> his duty to drop the case.
> > 2. Are there any more protests planned? I've seen
> > mention of a couple on the email list, but I
> haven't
> > seen firm plans for any?
> More protests are being planned to draw attention to
> the fact that Dmitry
> Sklyarov still is not free, and that the federal
> prosecutors are
> responsible for this.  There will continue to be
> protests of the DMCA until
> it is repealed or modified to respect our 1st
> Ammendment rights.
> > 3. Any responses to the email for a webmaster for
> > boycottadobe?
> Yes, we're getting some help now.  The site has been
> slashdotted for a week
> and a half due to the international press frenzy.
> This is exactly the kind
> of success we were hoping for to help free Dmitry.
> > 4. What's next? Any other plans while you've still
> got
> > media attention and an active email list?
> I want to get Dmitry out of jail so I can retire
> from activism.  Sadly,
> this is only the first of many battles in our war
> against the DMCA, but the
> rest of the army of supporters can take it from
> here, I need a break!
> Good luck with the story.  If you'd like to cover
> any of the issues more in
> depth, please give me a call!
> Thanks,
> Paul Holman
> pablos at kadrevis.com
> 415.420.3806
> http://www.shmoo.com/~pablos

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