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Edmund A. Hintz ed at hintz.org
Mon Aug 6 15:07:41 PDT 2001

On 8/6/01 2:48 PM, marvin at qubit.computershop.calgary.ab.ca thus spake:

>    Thank god there's a judge with at least some sense. $50K bail in a
>case like this, is not excessive, especially with the vindictive folks in
>the fed prosecutors office claiming he is a flight risk.  Bodes well for
>success of a motion to dismiss later this year.  

I don't think the judge had anything to do with it other than 
rubberstamping the deal. I expect, given the evidence that the check and 
custodial person were present, that the DA and the Defense had this all 
worked out prior to the hearing. Looks as if the DA finally realized that 
Dima's not an evil Russian hacker. I wouldn't be surprised if they're 
trying to save some face right now by letting him out on easy terms.

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