[free-sklyarov] Help: Adobe saying suing Elcom useless?

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Here's what I found:

   Adobe Alerted Government To Russian Software Crack 

   Prescott said today that Adobe had all but ruled 
   out the possibility of pursuing a civil action against 
   Elcomsoft and Sklyarov. "Our legal counsel really don't 
   believe we would win a legal battle in the Russian courts," 
   she said. 


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I'm writing up a press release and I'm trying to find a quote.  At one 
point, I'm pretty sure, someone from Adobe (the corporate counsel?) said

that they pursued criminal action because they were pretty sure they 
wouldn't be able to get money from a Russian company in a civil 
action.  Does anyone have the exact quote?  I've searched the mailing
archives, Planet eBook's coverage, and the Web, but no dice.

Thanks in advance,
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