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Tue Aug 7 13:22:36 PDT 2001

And they are still spelling his name wrong.

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Subject: CDR: Public Records in USA v. Sklyarov

Cryptome has obtained 60 pages of public records filed in
USA v. Dmitry Sklyarov: five pages of Court documents and
55 pages of submissions in support of Dmitry's character and
achievements. They are offered in compressed TIFF format:

Court Documents:

Order Setting Conditions of Release and Appearance Bond, August 6, 2001

  http://cryptome.org/ds-bond-order.tif  (1 page, 87KB)

Magistrate Judge Minute Order, August 6, 2001

  http://cryptome.org/ds-minute-order.tif  (1 page, 83KB)

Warrant for Arrest, July 11, 2001

  http://cryptome.org/ds-arrest-warrant.tif  (1 page, 43KB)

USA Motion to Seal the Criminal Complaint and Arrest Warrant, July 11, 2001

  http://cryptome.org/ds-motion-to-seal.tif  (1 page, 42KB)

Sealing Order by Magistrate Patricia Trumbull, July 11, 2001

  http://cryptome.org/ds-order-to-seal.tif  (1 page, 28KB)

These five are available in a Zipped file:

  http://cryptome.org/sklyarov-orders.zip  (5 pages, 276KB)

The Criminal Complaint was also in the public records but
heretofore published:


Submissions in Support of Dmitry:

English and Russian documents -- consulate letters, certificates
of education and achievement, letters of colleagues, friends and
Elcomsoft clients -- in a Zipped file of compressed TIFF images:

  http://cryptome.org/sklyarov-vouch.zip  (55 pages, 2.82MB)

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