[free-sklyarov] Dangers of eTextbooks

brad young byoungvt at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 7 13:59:25 PDT 2001

That is like asking Honda if I can drive my motorcycle
today. Why do I have to ask a company permission to
read, or loan a book to a friend ONLY IF the publisher
grants permission. This is the issue. 

Dmitry is not in prison, but part of his defense, at
least in the public court of opinion is did he write
something malicious like a virus, or a tool for the
greater good.

Tell any student that he wrote a tool that ensures
they will always have the ability to use a textbook
after one semester, whether it be an ebook or physical
book and they will side with you.

Many programmers keep books from school as reference
material. I can see from my computer:

A Calc book
Java Servlet Programming
Java Programmer Reference
Oracle SQL Interactive
American Government
Solaris For Managers

All used as Textbooks in previous semesters. Under
eTextbooks, they and they 50 or so other books I have
in storage, would be gone. What will I have to do pay
a monthly, daily, hourly, or per use subscription in
the future to use a book??? Who will own the books??
AOL? That is where we are headed folks!

We should stop it now!!!!

--- mickey <mickeym at mindspring.com> wrote:
> <begin "DistanceUsFromIssue">
> "Additionally, if the publisher grants permission,
> users can lend and
> give their eBook selections between
> Acrobat eBook Readers, as well as print the content.
> "
> </begin "DistanceUsFromIssue">
> brad young wrote:
> > Now here is one that concerns all students:
> >
> > http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/010801/0293.html
> > http://www.metatext.com/students/index.htm
> >
> > eTextbooks that expire after one semester. The
> > publishers must love these
> >
> > -No used book market-prices will skyrocket
> > -You can't lend eTextbook to a friend
> > -You can't give it to someone to use next semester
> > -No material cost
> > -No school bookstore (middleman) which also happen
> to
> > employ lots of students, many of which (like SJSU)
> are
> > owned by the students.
> > -Professors can't copy pages to hand out for
> > instructional purposes
> >
> > Maybe we should flyer Stanford, Berkley, SJSU
> during
> > book buying season????
> >
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