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* brad young (byoungvt at yahoo.com) wrote:
> Here is the specific link where they say the books
> expire after a semester:
> http://www.metatext.com/students/getting_started.htm
> also read profitable below:
> http://www.metatext.com/publishers/index.htm
> What a smack in the face to the right of First
> Sale!!!!

So I click on the link and I'm checking out Metatext... I go to the
store and select North Carolina and Duke University. I don't have a
course number so I just click through and it comes up with "101 Golf
Maximus" taught by Aubrey, Martin; Section 01, 10:00am-7:00pm DUKE
UNIVERSITY (now I'm thinking that this must be a demo entry but I
press on) and what are the titles I see associated with this course?

MetaTexts Listed by the Instructor:

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America
Jefferson, Thomas
Project Gutenberg, ISBN0585099979, free/180 days

The Origin of Species
Darwin, Charles
Project Gutenberg, ISBN0585102333, free/180 days

Civil Disobedience
Thoreau, Henry David
Alex Catalogue, ISBN0585066523, free/180 days

The Comedy of Errors
Shakespeare, William
Project Gutenberg, ISBN0585005168, free/180 days

Anybody besides me see the humor here?

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