[free-sklyarov] technically inaccurate news reports

Xcott Craver sacraver at EE.Princeton.EDU
Tue Aug 7 14:39:19 PDT 2001

On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Rebecca J. Hill wrote:

> This is nit-picking, I know.  The first two news reports I heard/read this
> morning reported that Dmitry had been arrested on charges of copyright
> infringement.

	I heard this too.  I'm also puzzled by the difference in coverage
	among stations.  Here in the Bay area, news channel 11 is
	completely on top of everything, with other stations at least
	giving it a mention w/ footage ... except for Fox 2.  For some
	reason, Fox devotes maybe a sentence without any video in the "oh
	yeah, here's the rest of the news real quickly" trash bin at the
	end of the show.

	Of course, this is the aliens-from-Roswell-that-built-the-pyramids
	channel, so its a bit naive of me to complain about their coverage.


	[I also heard the technews reporter refer to Sklyarov as,
	presently, "the most famous programmer in the world."]

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