[free-sklyarov] List subscribe/unsubscribe/etc. info

Vadim Kogan vadim at xcf.berkeley.edu
Tue Aug 7 17:44:52 PDT 2001

Hello people,

Apparently there are individuals who use IE on Macs.

Due to unhealthy nature of the above combination, those individuals had
problems accessing list info pages on lists.xcf.berkeley.edu via SSL (AKA over
HTTPS). If you know such a person, please inform them that I have posted the
information on how to subscribe to the mailing lists via mail (i.e. without
using web browser at all) right below the mailing list info on
sf.freesklyarov.org. This things are after all mailing lists and the web
interface is one of the new-wave add-ons. Everything that you ever need to
do on it can be done by sending it mail.

Please pay attention to the address you send list commands to though. Make
sure it's the REQUEST address, not the MAILING LIST address. E.g. for
'free-sklyarov-sfba' you need to send administrative requests to
'free-sklyarov-sfba-request at lists.xcf.berkeley.edu'. Note the '-request' part.
Mailman is smart. It knows about all kinds of people. It will try very hard
to catch the administrative requests sent to the wrong place, but if you
make the mistake in the request too and it cannot catch it, then this
request will end up in the mailing list, which is not nice.

Also note that you can always ask for help. No, not me, but mailman. You
just need to send the word 'help' to the -request address.

Oh, one last thing. The reason why those pages are available only over SSL
is because there are passwords going through it. Not only user's passwords,
but also administrative passwords. Note that the archives ARE available via
HTTP (w/o SSL) as well as over SSL. Also note that this machine tries very
hard to make sure that even if you tried to access it over http, you will
end up talking HTTPS when there is a need. Making world (and my machines)
even less secure than they are now is not very good idea IMHO.


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