[free-sklyarov] Counter-Terminology

Seth Johnson seth.johnson at Realmeasures.dyndns.org
Tue Aug 7 19:22:19 PDT 2001

''Restricted use media''

This is some good work, actually.  People, take note of James' phrase.

Though it's so simple and obvious, it really is fine.  A great product
of the brainstorming session that's gone on in this thread, and shows
how sticking with something and letting it germinate, can let you come
around to phrasing that "comes across."

Seth Johnson

Scott Renfro wrote:
>   ''Restricted use media''
> Although ''Usage restricted media'' had been proposed, this rolls off
> the tongue much more easily while still driving home the notion that
> it's about more than copying and protecting.  It also contrasts nicely
> with ''fair-use''.

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