[free-sklyarov] Metatext

Jon O . jono at microshaft.org
Tue Aug 7 19:44:26 PDT 2001

> Alternatively, I could take up the very generous offer of a 180 day
> licence from Metatext for the princely sum of $89.52.  Nothing like a good
> bargain, is there?
> http://www.metatext.com/servlet/tileBlurb?tileId=74896
> This is just sickening.  So much so that I've just registered
> "boycottmetatext.com", and it's going free to anyone who has the time to
> organise a boycott campaign against them (as someone else has already
> suggested, aggressive leafletting in any university that's been fool
> enough to sign up for their scam would be a good start).
> I can transfer the domain completely or point the domain wherever you like
> and provide free hosting if necessary (although my machine's in the UK, so
> it probably makes sense to host on a box in the States instead).  I would
> do it myself, but I'm not exactly local, and am too busy organising the UK
> protests at the moment.
> Just drop me an email at jtjm at xenoclast.org, and it's all yours.
> To avoid diluting messages, it might sensible to wait until Dmitry is free
> before starting the boycott Metatext campaign, although I'll leave any
> decision on that to consensus.

Also something interesting to note about Metatext, they are owned by 

And someone on this list attempted to connect to NetLibrary from 
SJSU and it redirected them to:
"The San Jose State University eBook Collection" 

as they stated "almost like it was sactioned by them or something."

Now, Microsoft has that openEbook project which looks like Stallman's
theory about a central licensing agency which monitors and permits 
ebook usage. We have already seen the Surveillance issue:

the AAP has implemented an aggressive Internet surveillance
program, which includes an automated, intelligent
Internet search tool that searches for unauthorized
distribution of eBook content 24 hours a day, seven
days a week.

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