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Let's just kill e-books as a serious proposition.
Here are some more:
=== Meme Factory ============
Q: What's the difference between an Edsel and an e-book?
A: You won't go to jail if your friends see your Edsel.
***E-books are for e-diots.
Can't we just pull the plug on e-books?
***E-books are for e-diots.
An e-book resembles a book about as much as
an iron lung resembles a lung.  Blow someone
a kiss and you get 5 years in federal prison
and a half-million dollar fine.
***E-books are for e-diots.
I live my life by these 5 simple rules:
Save the whales!
Save the Rivers!
Save the Rain Forest!
Save the Planet!
Fuck e-books!
***E-books are for e-diots!
Actually, e-books are not all that new.
The dinosoaurs invented e-books
sixty-five million and seventeen years ago,
just before they became extinct!
***E-books are for e-diots.
Here's a fun new game.  Any number can
play, any where, and any time.  The game
is called "E-books are for e-diots"
and the rules are simple:
1. Say something clever that proves
   "e-books are for e-diots."
2. The level of "proof" required is
   no greater than that which would
   satisfy Daffy Duck.
3. At the end of each turn all players sing or
   chant, in unison "E-books are for e-diots."
4. Extra points for singing harmony.
5. You must play to win.
***E-books are for e-diots.
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