[free-sklyarov] DMCA question of the day

mw at themail.com mw at themail.com
Wed Aug 8 16:18:14 PDT 2001

ok, here is the dmca question of the day:

Re:section 1201 and providing/distributing a device/product...

With regards to the SDMI case, the right to present their paper on digital music copy protection security was "prohibited" by threat of the DMCA, correct?

(that's not the question of the day)

Here's the question of the day:

If the "secret" or "privileged" information (unfortunately there are such phrases) was put into a pdf format, wouldn't Adobe be the responsible party in the distribution of the device/product?

I only ask, because, without Adobe's Acrobat reader, the device/product, "secret" information would not be accessed.

If I wrote a book with "restricted" content (another sad phrase), would I be responsible for distribution of the content OR would the book's publisher be responsible. I am clearly the author, however, it is the publisher/publishing house which distributes or provides access to my works.


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