[free-sklyarov] FBI chief Mueller lied to Senate

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I may be wrong, but I believe there is a world of differnce between keyboard monitors that a system admin puts in place on a network, or on machines in a network, to capture login attempts and the like, and the keyboard logging done in the Scarfo case.  The latter is much more likely to be something like Tempest, a listening in from the outside rather than an internal device placed on the pc.

But who knows..

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Vladimir Katalov <vkatalov at elcomsoft.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> > According to The Register, FBI Chief Mueller lied to the Senate about his
> > knowledge of Key Stroke logging devices.
> > http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/20894.html
> More on that (from Security Wire Digest,
> http://infosecuritymag.bellevue.com):
> >
> > A federal judge in New Jersey ordered the FBI to disclose how it
> > logged the keystrokes of Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo, who's
> > charged with running illegal gambling and loan-sharking operations
> > for the Gambino crime family. Defense lawyers challenged the FBI's
> > use of a keystroke logger to obtain the password and encryption keys
> > used by the Scarfo on his office PC, saying a keystroke logger falls
> > outside the scope of a standard search warrant. Judge Nicholas
> > Politan ordered the FBI to produce details on the keystroke logging
> > technique, saying he needed more information to determine the
> > legality of the process. The FBI has until Aug. 31 to comply with
> > the order.
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