[free-sklyarov] False story about Dmitry on Russian TV

Christopher R. Maden crism at maden.org
Thu Aug 9 23:24:35 PDT 2001

At 20:14 9-08-2001, Bob Smart wrote:
>Especially because I just can't see how this could possibly benefit anybody
>BUT a conspiracy.  Who besides the US government would stand to gain anything
>by something like this?

The television station.  It's a sensational story, they get more viewers 
for their newscast.  Who the hell cares if it's true, as long as people are 
watching?  Take a look at the _SF Examiner_: today's front-page story is a 
wire story about racy fashions for pre-teens.

NTV was recently taken over by the state gas monopoly, and all the real 
journalists left (if I recall the situation correctly).  If the _Weekly 
World News_ were covering the case, they might run something like that, too.

David Shapiro: You know what you doing.  Free Dmitry!  For great justice.
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