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>Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov is comparing the condition in American 
>with the building group or young warrior courses. "One can't intimidate us 
>American jail!",- said Sklyarov.
> >From the time of his arrest on July 16, 2001 the programmer managed to 
> stay in
>4 jails - in Las Vegas (Nevada), Oklahoma (Oklahoma), Santa Clair and finally
>San Jose (California). In Sklyarov's words, the conditions of American
>penitentiaries are similar to the works Sklyarov had to do in the building
>group during his student summer holidays or they reminded young warrior 
>in the army. Sklyarov surely said he had to adjust himself like for example
>breakfast in the San Jose jail was served at 4 a.m. in the morning, lunch - at
>11 a.m. and dinner - at 5 p.m. For his lunch Dmitry had chips (14 grams), 2
>pieces of bread with sausage, some other little things and something to drink.
>"It is allowed to buy food with your own money if you have any", - Sklyarov
>said. If you wish you can work in the jail getting 18 cents per hour, RIA
>Novosti informed.
>There were 60 people in the cell of the Las Vegas jail where Dmitry Sklyarov
>was: the people on trial and those who will have to face the court in the
>future. The people were sleeping on two-level bunks, the attitude between the
>people was sympathetic and understanding. One of Sklyarovms cell-mates 
>told him
>the state was paying $300 daily for each person in jail.
>Sklyarov is optimistic about the things that happened to him, he is still
>hopeful he will soon see his family. The office of the Russian Consulate
>General in San Francisco renders him some help in this respect. The session
>devoted to Dmitry Sklyarovms pending case will take place August 23 in San
>Jose. The courtms decision will show if the case is over or is going to
>develop. Dmitry Sklyarov was released on bail with an obligation not to leave
>the territory of North California until there is the final decision made 
>on his
>case. He visited the Russian Federation Consulate General in San Francisco on
>Thursday. Sklyarov arrived at the office with 2 lawyers. They warned their
>client to withhold any comments to the media until the court session takes
>place August 23.
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