[free-sklyarov] The Ballad of Dima Sklyarov, ver1.0beta1

Alex Fabrikant alexf at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Aug 12 22:35:33 PDT 2001

Version 1.0beta1 of "The Ballad of Dima Sklyarov" has been posted at:


This is a "ballad" thrown together over the past week by 3 of us, to the
tune of Greensleeves (British folk, IIRC).

We will try to arrange for this to be performed at San Jose's candlelight
vigil on Monday; the other sites are more than welcome to use it for
theirs if they find someone willing to perform... Print out the lyrics and
bring them with you to your event if you think you might want to perform
this =)

We also posted a rough MIDI that shows the actual tune the lyrics are
intended for, as well as a version of the lyrics with the stress patterns
marked up. If someone who sings better than us (read: anyone) wants to
make a voice recording with the music (mp3 or ogg or something like that),
we'll gladly post that as well.

A PNG of the sheet music has been posted -- the actual tune shown is just
1 "non-chorus" stanza followed by 1 "chorus" stanza. It should be a simple
exercise to look at the lyrics (and/or MIDI) and figure out the pattern of
non-chorus/chorus tunes that need to be played...

And, of course, as per "beta1" in the version number, this version is VERY
rough and a work-in-progress since the story is far from over, so
constructive criticism is always welcome.


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