[free-sklyarov] The Anti-DMCA Index -- Libraries, Ebooks and the DMCA

Roger Sperberg rsperberg at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 14:08:49 PDT 2001

Chris Maden wrote:
>When Adobe adds a new feature to the Reader, the default is always to
disable the feature,
>because the publishers of older books can't have known about it.

>The 'read aloud' feature was one such feature. If an Adobe eBook doesn't
explicitly enable 'read
>aloud,' then it is disabled."

This is how I understood Adobe did this, and I have written and said as
much, but Tom Diaz of Adobe last week wrote to The eBook Community that this
feature initially was disabled (or "off") for all encrypted titles and
enabled for all unencrypted titles. He added: "We also repackaged all
then-exising eBooks so that in subsequent sales and downloads, the setting
reflected the publishers' preferences.  So in effect the feature ended up
being disallowed for most books, although there are a couple of major
publishers who permit it."

In the case of "Alice," Diaz explained in an earlier post to the same Yahoo
group: "Due to an operator error, this right was also disabled for 'Alice in
Wonderland,' but we corrected that mistake as soon as it was brought to our
attention.  The accident happened in December 2000 and
was corrected by a couple of weeks later. "

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