[free-sklyarov] The Anti-DMCA Index -- Libraries, Ebooks andthe DMCA

Roger Sperberg rsperberg at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 14:32:25 PDT 2001

Jeme A. Brelin wrote:

>* This book cannot be read aloud.

>Yes, I know it's discussing a FEATURE of the eBook reader, but it's still
>absolutely absurd. What right does the PUBLISHER have to hinder my
>ability to use accessibility software?

Actually, the publisher of the e-book may not own the "audio" rights of the
title (let's not talk about "Alice in Wonderland" here), which may have been
sold separately to another publisher. And it's that second publisher which
may feel the e-book publisher is infringing on the rights it paid for. So
the e-book publisher wants to avoid being sued, and sets the "Read Aloud"
feature to off. The e-book publisher may do this even without the sale
having taken place yet, just to preserve the option of seeling those rights.

We can argue whether or not Read Aloud is an accessibility feature or not,
but Adobe has never promoted it as such.

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