[free-sklyarov] Fear and loathing in Digital Millenium. 8(((

Alex Shtol xfilez at omskcity.com
Tue Aug 14 02:47:59 PDT 2001

Dear All,

We distribute our program WMA Encoder Decoder(http://www.x-filez.com)
over one year. After beginning Sklyarov case too many download archve
delete it. Why?

I think - it's a fear, simply fear...

Last case is a nonsense!

1. DOWNLOAD.COM (CNET) deleted our program from area PC : Audio : Rippers
   & Encoders without any mail notification.

2. When we request reason for deleting our program they answered:

   "WMA Encoder/Decoder has been delisted from Download.com, due to a violation
    of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Because of this, we are not
    able to list it due to legal reasons."

3. We send a too many mail to CNET, but they don't answer.

"Can i contact to you at phone?

1. We have a Microsoft signed WMA DRM license.
2. We do not decode NOT LEGALY WMA files. Because it will break our
3. By this license (by Microsoft) we can decode WMA into WAV PCM if
   this file have a permission for decode.
4. We want to know authors of official complain to WMA Encoder Decoder
   for contact with our lawyers. We bear losses because of program
   removal from your archive. You're supporting our competitors.
5. We've been working with CNET for over 3 years. We are very pleased
   with the service and technical support you provide. But in this
   case we don't know what we need to do...

We have a hope for finding solution our problem...

PS. Please answer to us in any case."

4. CNET don't answer... but they do not restore our program in list.

And now what? Our competitors is listed at CNET, we bear losses...

BTW, our program not decode WMA with DRM protection if this
transcoding not permitted. Some of another equal programs at CNET can
transcode DRM without any permissions, and this program is LISTED!!!
Why? Becose they names do not contains phrase "WMA DECODE".

We can't use USA law for CNET. It's very bad.

DMCA break our LEGAL business... and we cannot to do anything.

It's our not success story. We HATE this *&^(* DMCA law!

Sorry for bad english, but...

With kind regards,
Alexey Shtol,
XFilez Inc.
admin at x-filez.com
xfilez at omskcity.com

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