[free-sklyarov] a right for pregnancy analogy

Anton Chterenlikht a.chterenlikht at sheffield.ac.uk
Tue Aug 14 10:30:45 PDT 2001


Q. What is the return policy for e-books?
A. E-books are nonreturnable.

There were a lot of cases when women were forced by their employers to
sign a contract with a paragraph like "I promise that I will not become
pregnant. If I will, the employer has a right to fire me". They were
becoming pregnant after a while and were fired. They were going to the
judge court and the court was making a decision that these women could
not be fired because they have a right for pregnancy. However, the
contracts, which they signed, were not considered illegal. Rather it was
decided that such paragraph does not have any legal power. So, finally
(probably after a long battle) those women returned to their jobs.
Probably now no employer will include such a paragraph in their
contracts because it is ridiculous, but even if they will it does not
mean anything.

I could not find any appropriate link, but I'm sure there should be a
lot of them.

I think therefore that such return policy is legal. However there is a
possibility that if someone would wish to return the e-book, the seller
would have to take it back. It entirely depends on the trade law and
regulations. Probably the customer has a right, supported by a
corresponding law to return the purchased item under certain
circumstances. There are some exceptions, ex. earrings. They are usually
non-returnable due to hygienic reasons.


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