[free-sklyarov] Sklyarov Interview in new TIME magazine

Jon O . jono at microshaft.org
Tue Aug 14 17:39:33 PDT 2001

First of all I don't subscribe to TIME. However, a friend
had a copy and mentioned this business so I read ;)...

No, it's very balanced and very clearly addresses the fair-use issues.
It also makes no use of the word hacker, even descibing DEFCON. It
mentions Dmitry's family, what he is doing and the fact that he
doesn't gamble because he prefers to use his head and his hand for
money ;). 

Your quote is something like, you can't restrict research and our 
reverse engineering -- that is our bread and butter. 

It also talks about the DMCA and why it is a risk to real scientific

Very good overall...

Sorry, the quotes are not verbatim, just what I can remember and
pretty close. Don't quote me quoting anyone later though ;)...

-- Nothing to do with the article, just ponderings

Also, all this business just keeps making me think we need a central
foundation or something that acts like Conumer Reports and the people
who crash test cars and trucks. If we had that and their was a very public 
organization testing this stuff, I think the public would understand a 
little better. Right now, all this stuff is published in security and
cryptography fields and is very good, but we need to make the consumer 
and author think about what protection they are getting from Adobe, Mircosoft,
etc. One guy said he was mad because Adobe should have been harder
on Sklyarov. When I told him, "shouldn't you be hard on Adobe? This
is like The Emperor Wears no Clothes. They tell you it's secure, but
it's really not. And now it's illegal for me to prove that." Needless
to say he then understood...


On 14-Aug-2001, Klepht wrote:
> >>>>> "JO" == Jon O <jono at microshaft.org> writes:
>     JO> Evan may have more info about this.
> I talked to a reporter from Time last week, and he said there'd be a
> 2-page spread in this week's Time.
> How "balanced" is it? I'm not sure I like that. Is there anything real
> bad in there? Did I get quoted calling Dmitry a "Russian criminal bent
> on destroying Western civilization" or something?
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