[free-sklyarov] Newsweek Article (8/20 Issue)

Jon O . jono at microshaft.org
Tue Aug 14 20:59:23 PDT 2001

This one just tops it off. I can smell the smoldering remains of these over
protective, under encrypted, stomping Rights companies now...

I hope we are all taking a good look at what we did. TIME, Newsweek, NYTIMES...
We are overcoming money, power, greed and a couple other sins with little more than
sheer inspiration.


On 14-Aug-2001, Jeff Pang wrote:
> This week's Newsweek has a *very* positive article on the Sklyarov case 
> written by none other than Steven Levy. The online version is on msnbc:
> http://www.msnbc.com/news/612847.asp
> Jeff
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