[free-sklyarov] Newsweek Article (8/20 Issue)

Bob La Quey robertl1 at home.com
Wed Aug 15 23:22:18 PDT 2001

>Really, well can you explain why my website gets over 10,000 hits per day?
>> But this is the right fight and you are on the right side. 

This is good. I don't mean to belittle it. But to put it in perspective 
this nation has over 100 Million adults using the Internet. If each of 
your hits reprsents a unique individual then 300,000/month 0r 1/3 of 1% 
of these people have hit your site. I suspect we are indeed lucky if 
50,000 unique individuals have ever seen your site. We have a ways to go. 


My real problem is not with cheerleading or being pleased with results
but with the sort of expectation that is raised by your rhetoric,

>I can smell the smoldering remains of these over
>protective, under encrypted, stomping Rights companies now...

I do agree that these companies are dinosaurs. But they are large and very 
dangerous dinosaurs who got the DMCA passed by 99-0 despite the best efforts 
of the EFF. I expect this fight to go on for years, if not decades, so I 
find any thing that suggests a quick victory is naive and likely to lead
to disenchantment. I would like to see the younger fellows still fighting 
the meta battle 30 years from now, well after some of us are long dead, 
because I do believe the battle is never won but rather only changes form. 

Take a look at http://download.cnet.com/downloads/ 

and select the Most Popular link, which may be


The numbers run toward a million downloads each week. 

I note that Adobe Acrobat has been on these charts for 156 weeks and is currently
number 19 with 58,614 downloads last week. Not exactly a "smoldering remain". 

It may be that getting a single "Free Dmitry" hit mp3 does as much to build the
consciousness of a large number of people as anything. 

Buena suerte amigos,

Bob La Quey

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