[free-sklyarov] Can you all Help Me??

brad young byoungvt at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 16 13:25:52 PDT 2001

Hi all,

If you don't recognize the email this is Brad Young, I
run the artistically challenged http://sjrally.n3.net
site. I have been trying to help get Dmitry out of
this mess since the Adobe Rally. I am sorry my site
has not been kept up to date but here is the story:


Last Monday I moved to an on campus apartment. In
these apartments they have installed 802.11b wireless
ethernet, cool stuff. So off to Fry's I went to get a
card. The first card I bought was from SOHO, it
wouldn't work since it only had 40bit encryption. The
network people said I needed to have 128. So back to
Fry's. They gave me a store credit and I picked up a
US Robotics card for $44.00 more. 

I went home opened the box, no manuals and no card!!!
Instead inside was some kind of modem, not a wireless
ethernet card. FRY'S REFUSED to give me a refund,
claiming the box was unopened. (Obviously, someone had
access to a shrink wrap machine!!!)

Since I needed to give information from the card to
the network people here at SJSU ASAP. I was stupid and
bought a third US Robotics card from FRY's. Now I am
out over $300.00 for one card.

Fry's promised to call me back, to inform me if they
might reconsider a refund, but of course they have

So right now I am at SJSU's library, I have to wait
my authentication information beore I am on the net
again. But I am still out $169.00. For me that is a
whole bunch of cash! Not only that but I recommended
Fry's as a place to visit when I talked to Dmitry when
he was released!!! (see http://sjrally.n3.net)I wonder
if they will rip him off too!!!

So If you guys would please lend a hand it would be
appreciated. If between your busy lives and free
Dmitry activities you would contact Fry's and
encourage them to give me a refund or at least a store
credit toward my third modem I would appreciate it.
And I could continue my efforts to Free Dmitry!!!!

Please ask Fry's to FREE BRAD'S MONEY!!!!

They have an email interface at their website:


They have a fax:

408 487-1018

They have a phone:

408 487 1000
(ask for the PIC)

International Support is Welcome!!!

I am going over again tomorrow to talk to the store

Many Many Thanks!!!

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