Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Thu Aug 16 13:55:36 PDT 2001

Brooklyn Linux Solutions writes:

> This company needs to be a protest target.

Seybold has been pretty bad about supporting DRM and the DMCA.  On the
other hand, it tends to take the "we're just reporters, bringing
publishers the news about trends that affect their industry" angle.

I do think that most Seybold customers are relatively small publishers
and artists and that their fears are fairly genuine.  If Seybold is
saying "DRM good", perhaps that's what small publishers want to hear.

Unfortunately, they're spreading some misconceptions about computer
security, for DRM is snake oil in a way that mainstream authentication
and confidentiality products aren't.

I don't know whether it's better to focus on the "perfect control for
publishers is an undesirable situation for the public" angle, the "DRM
is snake oil" angle, or the "enlightened copyright holders don't view
their customers as enemies" angle a la Brad Templeton.  I suppose that
all of these are things that need to be said in reply.

Seybold is writing from a very different world and one of which I have
little understanding, though I used to live just a block away from the
Moscone Center.

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