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Hello all, I'm new to the list so Hi :)

In regards to this, after reading the article I believe the main cause 
of confusion and advocacy towards Adobe is under one simple principle: 

I believe that instead of establishing this company as a protest, 
someone who is well spoken attempt to contact Mr. Seybold and educate 
him onto what actually is the issue.

I've sent a feedback message, doubtful it will reach the intended 
recipient but I hope it does and he reads it.

My main point was because you are equipped to commit a felony, doesn't 
make you a fugitive.

A little joke to add humor with a message:
A group of boyscouts went on an outdoor fielding and a mother asked one 
of the group leaders what activities the kids were going to be learning. 
 He listed a few things, and at the end of the list he said, "Rifle 
Marksmanship."  The mother jumped back and exclaimed, "You're teaching 
them to shoot rifles?  Isn't that dangerous??"  The troop leader 
responded, "Well, Mam, they are under close supervision and are trained 
safety precautions long before they touch a rifle."  The mother, still 
not satisfied, said plainly "But you are equipping them to be killers!".
The troup leader flatly responded, "Ma'am, You're equipped to be a 
prostitute but I don't see you doing it"

Brooklyn Linux Solutions wrote:

>This company needs to be a protest target.
>I was also wondering if we can get membership to the AAP.
>On 2001.08.16 16:23:23 -0400 Kurt Foss wrote:
>FYI - a new editorial from Seybold's eBook Zone:
>Gene Gable, the president of Seybold Seminars and Seybold
>Publications, believes a fundamental point in the current DMCA
>and Adobe vs. Sklyarov debates has been overlooked.
>rgds ~ Kurt
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