[free-sklyarov] Care Package For Dima

J. Shirley f00bar at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 16 14:45:32 PDT 2001

Perhaps for those out of the area, a paypal account or another point of 
contact for us to mail donations/presents, etc to so they can get to him 
or go into a larger something?

proclus at iname.com wrote:

>On 16 Aug, Larma, Mark wrote:
>>Anyone heard anything about Dima this week?  I was going to send him
>>something like a care package while he is in California so that he doesn't
>>feel totally abused by Americans.  Also, any suggestions on what to send
>>would be greatly appreciated!
>Here are my ideas:
>Gift certificates for fast food and bookstores.
>thinkgeek.com gift certificates
>Bart passes
>>Thank you!
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