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Fri Aug 17 15:08:20 PDT 2001

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Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 15:04:22 -0700
From: Will Doherty <wild at eff.org>
Subject: Statement from Dmitry for distribution to activists

Statement from Dmitry Sklyarov for distribution to activists--

To everyone who spent their time helping me:

During the three weeks I spent in jail I learned that many people
were protesting against my arrest. I also learned that Adobe
withdrew its support of my arrest after meeting with EFF. But
I was not able to see that or to read letters and articles about
my case.

After being released from jail on August 6, I was really surprised
and impressed by the scale of the action and the number of people
involved in the protests. I'm not an IT superman. I'm just a
programmer, like many others. It was unexpected by me that so
many people would support a guy from another country that nobody
heard about before.

Your support means a lot to me and my family and makes a difference
for all.

This experience is going to change me in a profound way that I
cannot even appreciate fully as yet. Thank you very much.

Dmitry Sklyarov

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