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Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 16:08:36 -0700
From: Will Doherty <wild at eff.org>
Subject: [DMITRY-PLAN] Dmitry Contact Request: Correspondence and Media/Press 

Dmitry's lead attorney explained today that he would
be happy for EFF to receive email and snail mail
correspondence intended for Dmitry. EFF will then
forward this correspondence at regular intervals
to Dmitry, although it is unlikely that Dmitry
will be able to reply to much of it.

So, to send an email to Dmitry, you can email:

  free-dmitry at eff.org

For snail mail correspondence, you can send to:

  Dmitry Sklyarov
  c/o Electronic Frontier Foundation
  454 Shotwell Street
  San Francisco, CA 94110

For faxes to Dmitry, you can fax to:

  +1 415 436-9993 (please mark with Dmitry's name)

Dmitry's lead attorney also explained that his team
would like to handle directly press/media calls
related to the Dmitry Sklyarov legal case.

These calls should be directed to:

Lea Chase, +1 415 371-2224

Acquit Dmitry and Reform the DMCA,

Will Doherty
Online Activist / Media Relations
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Web http://www.eff.org

Electronic Frontier Foundation - Protecting rights in the digital age

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