[free-sklyarov] Another ebook "processor"

Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO ruben at mrbrklyn.com
Sat Aug 18 20:51:08 PDT 2001

> Read Jefferson.  The possibility for monetary gain through the limited
> monopoly of copyright (not so limited anymore, but I digress) is a
> side-effect of the essential need to preserve the work in the author's
> desired form.

This can go on forever.  I have read Jefferson, and Madison, and posted
this conversation previosuly.  Jefferson the Pirate clearly and repeatedly 
discussed the the detriment of Mononoplies on the public and the relented 
to Madison because, specifically, of the potential monetary gains possible
as a reward for publication.

There was never ever ever and expectation of absolute control of the
articles after publication.  Fair Use was built into the assumptions of

This is the last I'll write ont his, especially since I've already
published nearly the entire Jeffersonian look at Copyright in other


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