[free-sklyarov] The Spam Solution...lets get rid of spam

Josiah Draper kreizykid at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 20 00:45:31 PDT 2001

      Ok... If I am at least somewhat similar to the rest of you (which i
believe i am), I don't exactly like most of the spams i get. Especially
when, after I joined this list, I get porno spam email. If I wanted the
stuff i could get it myself all to easily. So my idea is this. Whenever
somebody spams you, save the address it was sent from and the reply-to
address somewhere and send the addresses to the list, Or just email them to
me. I (or someone else) will trace the address to their isp and/or email
provider, and complain. I have lots of time on my hand....
If anyone has an idea, even if you don't think it is better, speak up! Even
if you don't think it is better it might inspire others on how to make a
better one!

-Josiah Draper
kreizykid at hotmail.com
on msn messenger^, Yahoo: kreizykid , ICQ: 75986519
http://langel.5u.com (still way under construction,will host standard site
[www.zzzzzz.zzz] soon, no ads!)

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