[free-sklyarov] U.S. are trying to make their laws global

Alex Shtol xfilez at omskcity.com
Mon Aug 20 03:18:54 PDT 2001

U.S. are trying to make their laws global, but Internet is not U.S.
property. I think, Internet must to have another laws, because network
area can be accessed from every country!

1. Just a few weeks ago, CNET download site has removed our software
(WMA Encoder Decoder) because of "DMCA violation"; more information is
available there:


2. After complaint from Dolby Laboratories, AC3DEC module for NetBSD
is no longer available.


3. Dolby Laboratories pursue our company to remove AC3 Decoder and
Advanced Encode Decode Tools from our site (http://www.x-filez.com),
ignoring the fact that all AC3 decoding algorithms (used in our
software) have been developed solely by our company, without using or
reverse-engineering Dolby software.

In last case with Dolby Laboratories what I cannot understand at all:
1. Dolby Laboratories don't publish (on their sites) the requirement
to license any AC3 decoding algorithm (even if it is different from
their own).

2. Dolby Laboratories don't even try to contact developers (authors of
"illegal" software) first -- instead, they contact all
download/hosting sites asking them to remove all software whose
description just mention their technologies.

3. Dolby Laboratories complaints even to sites and authors that are
outside the U.S. So it seems that their representatives are not
competent enough.

4. And the most important! Dolby Laboratories doesn't answer any
requests about licensing their technology. I've sent ones to emails
and faxes (listed in their complaints), but haven't got any reply.

Can anybody explain me what is going on? It looks like the laws has
been made BY huge corporations, and FOR corporarions, and moreover --
they want their laws to affect the whole Internet. Just to get as much
money as possible (from the customers, of course), and shut down all
small business (even the legal one) which makes at least some
competition to them.

With kind regards,
Alexey Shtol,
XFilez Inc.
admin at x-filez.com
xfilez at omskcity.com

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