[free-sklyarov] reasons for restriction of competition

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Mon Aug 20 07:39:50 PDT 2001

>>Curiously copyrights, licenses, certificates have one thing in common
>>They restrict competition Can anybody give me reasons why competition
>>should be restricted ?

CS> The basic theory is this:

CS> (1) Most of the work involved in creating something copyrightable is the
CS> creativity/mental effort etc.  Once it is embodied in a copyrightable form
CS> (on paper, on a diskette, whatever), making additional copies is really
CS> cheap.  (This is not just true of writings, music & programs, BTW: consider
CS> what Intel has to do to get the first new chip out the door, versus the
CS> 100,000,000th one.)
You talk about what mass production together with efficiency can bring
What would happen if all people could have access
to mass production lines. Just imagine automobile factory at your home

CS> (2) If anybody could take a cheap copy of a work and, totally without
CS> restriction or payment to the creator, make as many additional cheap copies
CS> as the market will absorb, the people who actually did the creative work
CS> will be screwed.
I must disagree. This is not necessarily true.
If new product creators were paid IN ADVANCE this would not happen.

CS> (3) Therefore, unless we restrict copying, etc., there will be insufficient
CS> incentive for creative people to actually create and distribute their stuff.
This is a BIG LIE. creative people (as i define this term) do create
not because they want to make money but because they LIKE creating.
So if someone create to get money i do not call him creative person.

CS> Hence the reference in the constitution to advancing "science and the useful
CS> arts."  The restrictions on competition in copying/distribution are done
CS> with the conscious purpose of rewarding inventors (patents) and creators
CS> (copyright) with money, to keep them inventing/creating.
Since people are lazy by their nature ( usually try to get as much money
as they can for as little effort as possible) there is a need to force
them to create goods. Now this can be done by introducing copyrights
and other forms of restrictions. This way seemed to work good.
But i can predict it will not perform good in the future as more
and more easy it becomes to resist restrictions. What must be done
is to make people creative so i think a special copyright-tax
collected from public and distributed among authors would be
more appropriate than copyrights.

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