[free-sklyarov] reasons for restriction of competition

Bob Smart bobds at blorch.org
Mon Aug 20 19:30:27 PDT 2001

On Monday 20 August 2001 11:38, you wrote:

> Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  FWIW I just watched "Apollo 13" last night
> with my kids.  There's a scene where the astronauts are going to die from
> CO2 poisoning unless a filter of shape X can be mated to a frame of shape Y
> by means of [a collection of stuff on the ship].  Our plucky ground-based
> engineers came up with a solution.  The did it because they knew if they
> didn't, the astronauts would die.  Is that motivation from "within" or
> without"?

A more telling question is, did the engineers get or expect to get paid extra 
for their solution, or get a big juicy patent out of it?

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