[free-sklyarov] reasons for restriction of competition

Bob Smart bobds at blorch.org
Mon Aug 20 19:51:14 PDT 2001

On Monday 20 August 2001 09:03, you wrote:
> >>You talk about what mass production together with efficiency
> >>can bring. What would happen if all people could have access
> >>to mass production lines. Just imagine automobile factory at
> >>your home.
> CS> Good question.  I don't know what would happen.
> All people would move from producing goods to creating and
> inventing new ones.

All people?  Really?  I already have the ability to produce lots of things 
that I don't actually produce myself--because I'd rather pay somebody else to 
produce them while I spend my time and effort on something that interests me 
more.  As long as there are lazy bastards like me wanting to buy somebody 
else's production, there will be producers to cater to us (and as long as 
there's excess production to be had, we lazy bastards will be there to absorb 
it).  I don't see why that should change, even if everyone COULD make their 
own everything.

I don't WANT to create and invent yet another method for baking bread.  I 
just want a sandwich.   If somebody else will produce the bread for me, I'll 
buy it--despite the fact that I'm actually a pretty good baker.

> CS> This is a variant of what is known as a "compulsory license."
> I would call it compulsory tax for progress. Country need progress -
> public must pay for it.

But then the public is arbitrarily denied access to the progress (such as 
when technological obstacles efectively prevent copyrighted works from EVER 
passing into the public domain).  Public deserves a refund!


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