[free-sklyarov] Good Phrase

Xcott Craver sacraver at EE.Princeton.EDU
Mon Aug 20 20:42:45 PDT 2001

On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Will Janoschka wrote:

>       Upon ocasion I have heard  "I am not a market"  I wish I could give
>       credit.

	I like that one too.  The other day I was on a plane, and guy next
	to me was reading some computer industry newsrag with an article
	on MS Passport.  Will consumers go for it, the headline asked?
	So I read over his shoulder [it was hard not to:  ATA is the White
	Castle of airlines.  We were all jammed so close together that I
	knew the guy's shirt was machine wash warm, tumble dry low.]

	Anyway, so they have a diagram showing the "consumer" going to
	a "portal" because he wants to "view premium content."  I remember
	thinking just how utterly unsavory such a phrase would sound to
	any normal person.  I have no desire to "view premium content."

	What a detached, buzzwordy, old-new-economy, let's-dialog-about-
	utilizing-synergy-I'll-ping-you-later kind of phrase.  Sounds
	about as enjoyable as eating a big bowl of oat bran.  I am not
	a market.  I have no desire to "view premium content."


	[Okay, okay, I did pay money to subscribe to Salon.com Premium,
	but because they need money, not so I could "view premium content."]

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