[free-sklyarov] reasons for restriction of competition

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Tue Aug 21 05:50:26 PDT 2001

CS> I've lived in Washington, D.C. too long, I suppose, but my immediate
CS> reaction is that government would screw that up.  How would the government
CS> know which folks to suppor and which folks to blow off?
To my mind the whole distribution system lacks one very important thing
When a person pays a tax he or she must have a right to decide how it
will be used. Government can only set minimal level of compulsory taxes
but taxes like income tax should be ruled by those who pay.
I would gladly pay income tax if i could rule where it will be spent.
Government should allow people to take a part in budget planning
(including science and useful arts financing)

CS> I understsand the sentiment, but I have a hard time figuring out how to make
CS> it work in practice.
The fact we do not know how to implement it does not justify
the copyright bargain.

What i can think of is a copyright-tax bulletins where each individual
could indicate whom he wants his money to be paid
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