[free-sklyarov] Re: free-sklyarov digest, Vol 1 #201 - 31 msgs

Mark K. Bilbo mark at blorch.org
Tue Aug 21 06:40:10 PDT 2001

On Monday 20 August 2001 00:29, Josiah Draper wrote:
> Funny, I've learned more things about copyright from this list than any of
> my high school teachers. Isn't a rich nation like the us supposed to be
> teaching these basic concepts?

The key words being "supposed to."

I learned more from my own reading than teachers ever taught me. And while it 
has always been the student's burden to learn, the teachers certainly don't 
go out of their way to help.

And I went to school in the '70s. I imagine it's far worse now.


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