[free-sklyarov] Plea Bargin for Dima?!?

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jaed at jaedworks.com
Wed Aug 22 21:28:51 PDT 2001

At 8:51 PM -0700 8/22/2001, Don Marti wrote:
>A lot of the "now what do we do" ideas that could help reform
>the DMCA once Dmitry is home would be confusing at best and
>counterproductive at worst now.  Best for Dmitry to get home first,
>then we declare victory in a big way, then we ask that question.

"Declare victory in a big way" is key here.

For those who are in touch with pressoids, organizing events, putting up
web pages, or otherwise doing large-scale publicity, the attitude to take
is not "the Feds let Dmitri off in their mercy" - which is undoubtedly how
the FBI and Adobe will attempt to spin any plea bargain - but "the Feds
realized they had no act any informed jury would convict someone for, they
saw the outrage on the part of the programmer community, therefore they
engaged in a face-saving maneuver".

If Dmitri is able to go home to his family - regardless of any show
"plea-bargain" terms or coerced guilty plea - that *is* a victory, an
important one, and not just for Dmitri Sklyarov but for the anti-DMCA
movement. If this should happen, it's important to remember that and keep
it front and center.

jeanne a. e. devoto ~ jaed at jaedworks.com

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