[free-sklyarov] RE: Plea bargin fot Dima ?!?

Doug McNaught doug at mcnaught.org
Thu Aug 23 08:42:28 PDT 2001

"Christopher R. Maden" <crism at maden.org> writes:

> At 00:43 23-08-2001, Will Janoschka wrote:
> >Whoa!   A guilty plea means that Dimitry is a convicted felon in the US.
> >   Not exactly free.  'prolly cannot return to the US should he ever want to.
> I've been putting my money since this started on a "no contest" plea, and a
> sentence of time served.  No contest isn't the same as a guilty plea, but the
> DOJ gets to look like they're doing their job, and everyone's happy
> (especially Oksana and the kids).

But he still ends up convicted and will have problems ever coming back 
to the US (assuming he ever wanted to).  

Free Dmitry Sklyarov! 

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