[free-sklyarov] Copyright as a restriction

Xcott Craver sacraver at EE.Princeton.EDU
Thu Aug 23 15:39:40 PDT 2001

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Jeme A Brelin wrote:

> It is not appropriate to legitimize licensing where purchasing is more
> powerful and desirable.

	Well, that's kind of my point.  Any record company that does
	refuse to embrace DRM and strict usage agreements should declare
	as much on the CD case.  Something that says, yes, this is
	going to be your CD when you buy it; and no, we're not making
	any effort to control how you use it.  It's yours.

	Perhaps I shouldn't have used the word "licence."  Can you
	think of a better word?  "Initiative?"  Point is, if you can
	get a bunch of smaller record companies to agree to an open ...
	um, ... policy, it's best to give this initiative a logo and a
	web site so customers who buy music the old fashioned way can
	become aware of it (and, by extension, the alternative.)

	Another important point here is that you don't want all the
	space in a record store, the entire visible recording industry,
	behaving identically.  You don't want people to perceive DRM
	as the Way Things Are, or the Way Things Have Always Been.
	You want it to be something that only some companies do, and
	other companies don't, and which becomes a selling point that
	people find out about when they go shopping.

	Finally, you want there to be a commercial incentive for
	smaller companies to reject DRM.  Hence visibility in the form of
	a sticker or logo, bragging that this CD is better.  Think
	of it as the music equivalent of a "FAT FREE" label.


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