[free-sklyarov] RE: Plea bargin fot Dima ?!?

Yogi badnewsbears at prodigy.net
Fri Aug 24 12:05:42 PDT 2001

As I understand it, plea of nolo contendre (no contest) *is*, for most
purposes, functionally equivalent to a guilty plea, but without admission of
civil liability.  The distinction is purely technical.  It goes on his
record as a conviction and will follow him around forever.


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> >in this instance your distiction is without a
> >difference - it might matter, say if you anticipate
> >civil liability, too.
> ?  A no contest plea is not an admission of guilt.  This is important
> because (a) in the long run, it means that the DMCA did *not* convict
> anyone on criminal charges, and (b) it means that he won't necessarily be
> barred from returning to the US in the future, unless that's explicitly
> part of the sentence.
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