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(To Free-Sklyarov recipients: I'm sending this because it's a great
place to have an impact.  Note the attendees, including Congressman Rick
Boucher -- Seth)

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Emergent Computing Policy Roundtable on Monday Sept. 17th

Monday, September 17th, Tim O'Reilly brings together legal, political, 
and technology experts to the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington,  DC for
a no-holds-barred roundtable discussion of the promise and perils  of
P2P and web services. Peer-to-peer computing and web services bring 
fundamental shifts to information and entertainment services - shifts
that  have major legal, social, and moral repercussions.

Confirmed roundtable participants include:

- Moderator Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly & Associates
- Manus Cooney, Napster
- Jon Potter, Digital Media Association (DiMA)
- Marc Rotenberg, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
- Peter Jaszi, Digital Future Coalition
- Cindy Cohn, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
- Jenny Toomey, Future of Music Coalition
- Dan Gilmor, San Jose Mercury News

Inventing the Post-Web World
September 18 - 21, 2001
Washington, DC
Omni Shoreham Hotel

This is all part of the O'Reilly and Associates pee-to-peer and web 
services conference in Washington DC Sept. 18 - 21 at the Omni Shoreham 
Hotel (http://conferences.oreilly.com/p2p/).

We have put together another dynamic P2P and Web Services program. You
will not want to miss this opportunity to experience the latest in the
emergent technologies of peer-to-peer and web services.

Here's a list of our confirmed keynote speakers with links to
descriptions of their keynote topics:

Congressman Rick Boucher (D - VA)
Representative Boucher is a leading architect of federal policy for the
Internet and discusses the impact of web services and peer services on
the Internet legislative scene.

Clay Shirky, The Accelerator Group, Sponsored by Sun Microsystems Shirky
discusses how the world's devices connect to the Internet and to one
another outside the browser+server framework, how it is transforming the
network, and how we use it.

Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Law School
Lessig describes the changes in law and technology that threaten the
innovation commons that the Internet has been.

David Stutz, Microsoft Corporation
Stutz describes when to use peer-to-peer techniques, and how web
services can be used to improve peer-to-peer applications. Stutz also
describes the high-level .NET architecture.

Michael Conner, IBM
Conner covers web services: what they are, why and how they are changing
program-to-program communication, and how they are transforming

Simon Phipps, Sun Microsystems, Sponsored by Sun Microsystems
Phipps explores the principles behind the evolution of the web and  the
future of services on the Internet.



On Monday, September 17th, there will be a number of peer-to-peer and
web services community meetings. For more information about these
important events, please visit our web site


Tuesday September 18th features a full day of tutorials including .NET,
Groove, JXTA, SOAP, Jabber, OpenCOLA, Programming Web Services, and an
insightful technology overview by the program committee: O'Reilly
Networks Maven Rael Dornfest, OpenCOLA Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist
Cory Doctorow, Hack the Planet weblog editor Wes Felter, and WorldOS
Corp. CEO Lucas Gonze.

Wednesday the 19th marks the opening of the conference and exposition
hall. As is customary for all O'Reilly conferences, you can expect
deeply technical and provocative session presentations. Our lively
exhibit hall features a hands-on-look at the latest devices and
technologies. And don't forget, during the breaks the hallways will be
teeming with vigorous community discussions about the P2P and Web
Services space.

Why attend the Second O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference?

1) Network with the most innovative technologists, Internet business
developers and lawmakers.
2) Explore and invent the next generation of the Internet.
3) Learn how to discern the difference between the facts and the fiction
about peer-to-peer and web services.
4) Bring home tips and tools for improving your web technologies.
5) Prepare yourself for the legal implications of an evolving Internet
6) Arm yourself with the security, ethical and moral information to make
informed decisions for your web presence.
7) Come to the Exhibit Hall and visit with Sun Microsystems, Endeavors,
NextPage, Platform Computing, Interface Dynamics,

Jibe and many, many more.

To view a listing of our sponsors and exhibitors please visit:


Thanks and feel free to call, John Scott

cell - 240.401.6574

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