[free-sklyarov] What I'd like to see: fixing DMCA and IP

Lars Gaarden larsg at eurorights.org
Sun Aug 26 19:14:27 PDT 2001

From: "Seth Johnson" <seth.johnson at Realmeasures.dyndns.org>
> Xcott Craver wrote:
> > 
> >         However, the Internet is slowly
> >         turning every act of communication into "publishing."
> "Slowly?"

Yeah, slowly. Keep in mind that the good old NII white-paper from
the '95 era promoted the idea that each and every technical copy,
no matter how temporary or technically necessary, would have to
be licensed. That is, every Cisco router, web proxy and ethernet
card involved in the transfer of copyrighted material would have
to pay a licensing tax.

No wonder the MPAA and their ilk worshiped Bruce Lehman.


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