[free-sklyarov] New version of the "Drop the Charges!" pamphlet

Barrington King freeds at wyrdwright.com
Tue Aug 28 10:57:45 PDT 2001

Hi, All:

Our original pamphlet is a little dated and we got a couple of requests
for a letter-sized edition, so we cut out some material and websites
(sorry, guys) and reduced it to a three-panel document.  Note that it is
now a barrel and not zig-zag fold.  This new version is now available at: 


There is a version citing the Defense Fund as well as one with a blank
spot for local events.

The postscript source is available for anyone who wants to convert them
with a current version of ps2pdf.  I don't have time to install it right
now, and would appreciate the help, so get me those smaller, free-er
versions please.

Thanks for everyone who helped with this!  Keep up the fight!


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