[free-sklyarov] U.S. DoD [seems to be djf] looking for pro-Sklyarov pages?

Lars Gaarden larsg at eurorights.org
Tue Aug 28 17:56:35 PDT 2001

> From: "mobythor" <mobythor at fuckmicrosoft.com>
> To: <farber at eff.org>
> U.S. DoD looking for pro-Sklyarov pages? 
> (english)

> I encourage webmasters hosting pages about Dmitry, and copies of the 
> PowerPoint presentation, to check their logs for hits from the 
> - netblock; this is the block controlled by NIPR.  I'm 
> specifically interested in hits from Inktomi Search spiders, looking for 
> files related to Sklyarov.  I want to find out how widespread this 
> activity is, and I intend to find out for what purpose this searching is 
> taking place.
> -Mark Bialkowski

I can confirm that the same bot has hit eurorights.org. On average a couple
of hits per day. 72 unique requests the last month, don't have older logs
so I don't know when it started. IP addresses were through .38

URLs they are hitting:

/eudmca/                        (History about the EU copyright directive)
/eudmca/CopyrightDirective.html (Local copy of the EU copyright directive)

In addition, I found a single non-spider hit from the 198.26 netblock: - - [22/Aug/2001:02:25:31 +0200] "GET /eudmca/CopyrightDirective.html HTTP/1.0" 200 57660 "-" "Mozilla/3.01 (compatible;)"

As you say, this is a directed scan and not a regular spider since it doesn't
follow any of the other links on the / page.


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