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Wed Aug 29 04:21:42 PDT 2001

HZ> It is well known that most human conflicts, in any form and on any
HZ> scale, involve conflict of interests.  This is true from family feuds to
HZ> world wars.  The fact that there is always another side of the story is
HZ> in itself nothing new.

I like your philosophical posts
Here is my contribution to it

Well known example of interests conflict
1) customers do not want to pay for nothing
( to pay too much for too little work, for too little effort )
2) producers do not want to work for nothing
( to work too much for too little money )

To balance this conflict one has to give customers control over the 1)
and give producers control over the 2)

In a free market this is done by leaving decision right
to producers on what and how they produce/sell and by leaving
decision right to customers on what and how they buy and use.

Copyright laws try to solve 2) but do it at a price of the 1)
I can't agree to restrict customers control over 1)
If i buy a program i can use it as i like ( copy it , debug it,
sell it whatever i want). If you say me that i buy not a program
but a right to use it then please do not give me your program but
just a use (a service). I have nothing against encrypting your
products but in this case you sell me encrypted product and if
i can decrypt then it would be better for you to think twice
before you give it to me. It's not my problem because i have
my natural right to control 1)

If you want to restrict customers control over 1) then you
also must apply restrictions on how producers control 2)

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